Magitech rank 4 Boat
Repair rating: 3

Purpose: To be the backbone of any Naval engagement performed in and around Kizu Upon Pearl. It is made to be durable, fast and pack firepower as well as troops for combat.

Composition: Orichalchum, Jade and other materials.

Description: The inspiration for this boat was taken from Swift Midday Brilliance Class Light Ship but applied to a much heavier and bigger vessel. The ship is 35 Meters Long and 9 Meter wide, as opposed to 27 yards and 6 yards wide. This gives the vessel a much thicker hull, bigger storage space and much more gun emplacements. It has twin rotor engines as well as two masts.

Cargo Space: Two Talons of infantry or 4 curled up war striders with some space to spare.

Manoeuvrability: -4 Under Sail ; -1 Under Power

Endurance: 15 hours of powered mode, 2 hours rest to reset the drives. After 30 hours of powered use full maintenance needs to be performed. This usually takes around 4 hours. The ship however can run on semi powered settings which lets it travel long distances under the partial assistance of the motors. Allowing for around 60 hours of travel and only a single maintenance period. The ship is capable of traveling under sails and man power while under maintenance. It takes 7 essence to run the powered motors for 15 hours. It needs a user capable of attuning to artefacts.

Armor 40B/40L
Health Levels : Ux45/Mx30/Cx15/Ix5/D

Weapons: The ship has weapon emplacements for various mounted weapons such as implosion bows, lighting ballistae and whatever else Lin is capable of coming up with. At the front and back of the ship there are reinforced holding zones for weapons that anchor the ship to other things used in battle and for towing other vessels. The ship has round about 12 weapon emplacements capable of raising and 360 movement giving them quite the good scope and range.

Other Notes : The pilot of this vessel must be attuned to it. There is a series of code passwords that are ingrained into the vessel upon creation. Once attuned the Captain of the vessel may command it as she wishes from anywhere on the Deck. This works only while the vessel is in powered mode, making a skilled captain and a marksman at the same time quite deadly. Activation of any of the ancillary powers of this vessel requires attunement.

Other powers : Haze shield and other powers to be written.


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