Solar Seal – Rank 1 artifact signets, Ensure Privacy in the missives.
Thunderbolt shield – Rank 2, Errata. Odaenols codex. Made by Lin , Blue Print
Lightning Balista – Rank 3 Magitech artifact Balista. Differs slightly from the book in that it requires ammunition made from a rank 1-2 Reactor who is connected to a manse. Possesses 5 of those.
Artificers Boon – 3 dot Magitech artifacts. Twice speed crafting and repairing. +4 auto successes to all crafting rolls. Made by Lin. Blueprint.
Willpower Crystal – Rank 4, Stores 3 willpower regaining rolls , no attunement cost.
Radiance – A rank 4 boat artifact. Made by Lin.
Legacy Servitor – Rank 5 TO BE UPDATED FROM RANK 4
Domain’s Reach- Rank 5 Smashfist , able to grapple 3 opponents, able to grapple things much bigger than zenith himself. Think Juggernaut big. Other than that just excellent smash fists. Made by Lin.
Star of Conquest – Rank 5 Daiklaive of conquest. Made by Lin.


Opaque Pearl – Rank 4, Water Manse. A crafting manse located on the underside of the Kizu Island between the Ocean and the City.


Exotic Materials

Wyld Trees from kizu – 7
Tortoise shells – 1
Water Crystals – 3
White Jade- 2
Raksha Remnants – 6


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