Opaque Pearl

4 dot water manse
3 dot maintenance drawback
2 dot habitability drawback
Total of 13 Points

Individual Powers.
4 point Greater Veil of shadow
4 Point atelier Manse
3 Point Workshop Magitech Manse
Magical Conveniences 1
Node 1

Opaque Pearl was initially a manse that the group ran into by sailing above and being attacked by its inhabitants. The people inhabiting the manse quickly surrendered to the Solars as soon as they saw their anima Banners flare and became subservient to them. The people were a special breed, a remnant of first age experimentation in mortals highly resistant to wyld mutation and with the ability to exist naturally in a fully aquatic environment.

Upon further investigation the party found that the manse was being plagued by an angry ghost of a solar who passed away in this very manse. This was caused by children daring each other to go into the sacred temple and steal items. One child named Gellaro stolen a cape from the ceremonial garb of the solar. Once it was returned the Soul could rest.

The manse then became the headquarters of the party for about a year and a half. This is where most of the populace of Kizu Upon pearl initially came from.

Since then the manse has been transformed by Lin Ledaal into a Crafting manse.

Opaque Pearl

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