The Neck


Current Affairs

The Neck is currently in a horrible state, due to mismanagement at the higher ends of society and their inability to properly protect themselves for the last while. They are currently housing one of the Wyld Hunt splinter groups who by the looks of it are trying to maintain stability. Having missed recent payment to the realm due to the actions of Skullstone they are taking extra steps to ensure tribute makes it to the Blessed Isle.

The Neck was once composed of the southern highlands of Okeanos before a cataclysm sank that isle beneath the waves. The Great Contagion and the subsequent invasion of the Fair Folk also ravaged the Neck—Cormorant was lost to the Skullstone shadowland and more than a dozen isles vanished into the Wyld forever. Today, the archipelago stretches across the sea more than 500 miles from east to west and roughly 300 miles north to south. While a few of the islands bear the signs of prior volcanic activity, those fi res have been quiescent since the First Age catastrophe. Many barren rocks and coral atolls share these waters, but only 18 of the islands are suitable for continuous human habitation. Five of these islands are significantly larger than the others, ranging from about 50 miles to nearly 200 miles long. The largest of these is Amphiro, followed respectively by Petraya, Kerkeis, Okirho and Suadela. The remaining habitable isles are much smaller, each measuring between one and 20 miles in length. Most of them are part of a chain called the Cowries, which stretches in a northwesterly curve from Okirho to Petraya.

Political Affiliations

  • Alliance with the Empire and Wavecrest
  • Healthy trade relationship with Wavecrest
  • Strong distrust of Skullstone – no trade
  • Uneasy peace with Coral – no trade


  • The Neck has little in the way of trade resources, relying mostly on pearls and intricate shells for trade with other shores.
  • It is a food insecure Island group that heavily relies on trade with Wavecrest to maintain it’s populace on the larger islands.

Important People

  • Chieftain Bua-Shing – The figurative leader of the peoples of the Neck who tries to manage it under the weight of the satrap.
  • Strap Sesus Chido – An un-Exalted Dragonblooded that manages The Neck, a useless drunkard

Important Locations

  • Amphiro – Largest of the islands of the Neck, Amphiro is about 200 miles long and abruptly widens from about 50 miles on its eastern end to roughly 130 miles in the west. The shoreline is speckled with fishing villages, most of which are the ancestral homes of Squalus tribesmen. Northern villagers sometimes share a Tautoga heritage, while the southern islanders commonly show signs of mixing with the Smaragdi (particularly in and around the capital city). The steep slopes of a dormant volcano dominate the western hinterlands of Amphiro, and its valleys hold the richest soil the island has to offer.
  • Kerkeis – Resting at the center of the archipelago, this island is roughly 90 miles long and 50 miles at its widest. Most of the villages here belong to Smaragdi tribesmen, though the northern shores are home to Tautoga descended from the refugees of Cormorant.
  • Okihro – Dominated by the Porphura during the Shogunate, the northern reaches of this island have since come under mostly Squalus control. The isle is about 80 miles long and 45 miles at the widest, and suffers the worst incidences of raiding from island nations to thesouth. Elders of both major tribes often accuse their opposites of endorsing intertribal raids as well. The Party found a growing army of Darkspawn on this Island early in their journey and eradicated it with the help of the Jadeborn.
  • Petraya – Second largest of the islands, Petraya is approximately 100 miles long and just over 60 miles wide. Most of the villages here belong to the Smaragdi tribe, but there are still strong enclaves of the blue-haired Cyanin. Although sizable, Petraya is the furthest from the capital, so foreigners rarely visit this island.
  • Suadela – This oval island is 50 miles long and nearly 30 miles at its widest, and lies only 21 miles south of Solid Shell. During the Shogunate, the pleasant isle was the private reserve of the Cyanin, whose chieftain sailed across the channel to govern the capital only five days of every month. The Contagion brought an end to Cyanin dominance, and the Squalus seized most of the island. A number of ancient shrines are carved into the coast, but the natives conduct their rites in secret. Thus far, the Immaculate Order has settled for a single temple on Suadela, set atop its highest hill.
  • The Cowries – This chain stretches over a 200-mile arc between Petraya and Okirho and is composed of the better part of the smaller isles of the Neck. When the Contagion brought low the Cyanin, many of their people fl ed retribution and settled on these western isles, now home to an astonishing number of God-Blooded due to their isolation and closeness with the sea. The warriors and elders of the Cowries rarely visit the capital in Solid Shell, but they send great dowries with the brides that tie them to other tribes.

The Neck

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