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  • Wavecrest Archipelago

    [[File:524787 | class=media-item-align-center | 600x450px | Wavecrest.PNG]] h2. *Current Affairs* Wavecrest is currently in a difficult situation. It has ample food resources but an inability to trade them securely. Constant raids on trade lines …

  • Gem

    h2. *Current Affairs* h2. *Political Affiliations* h2. *Resources* h2. *Important People* h2. *Important Locations*

  • An Teng

    h2. *Current Affairs* h2. *Political Affiliations* Nominally a part of the Empire, a lot of power lies in the Hands of [[Keelin Ryofada | Keelin]] and her Circle. h2. *Resources* An Teng is a trade hub, as such it sees a lot of business in …