Wavecrest Archipelago


Current Affairs

Wavecrest is currently in a difficult situation. It has ample food resources but an inability to trade them securely. Constant raids on trade lines are making transport of goods impossible. Smaller islands to the South are starting to have to fend for themselves. Contact has been lost with many of them, though a few have banded together and seem to be holding their own against raids from both the Lintha and the Blackships that prowl the Wavecrests waters. Trade to lands outside the main island is severally reduced and the impact to The Neck and beyond is starting to show

Political Affiliations

Wavecrest is currently a Satrap of the Realm and close allies with The Neck.
A working relationship is maintained with The Coral Archipelago.
Wavecrest is becoming Trade Partners with the City-state/Island Nation of Kizu upon Pearl.
Wavecrest is neutral towards Skullstone, mostly hoping that it’ll stay away from them.
Wavecrest is actively warring against the Lintha – to little avail.


  • Wavecrest has a Navy of about 500 ships and could in theory pull in an additional 150 from the Wavecrest Trade Allianceto boost their numbers.
  • Land warriors come to a few thousand though each ship in the Navy has at least 50 warriors many of whom are god-blooded and a few even have dragon-blooded among them.
  • The Obsidian Blade acts as Wavecrest’s spy network, some of their members are well known. Though presumably many more are secret.
  • Most of the output of Wavecrest is food – other produced resources are; baskets weaved rom seaweed, tamed cormorants of all colours, ormer shells that record songs and stories spoken to them, Black Jade and Pearls.
  • Population – Over one million

Important People/Gods

  • The Feathered One – Leader of the Archipelago
  • Buruku – Child of Hamoji, one of the most acclaimed captains of the Satrap.
  • Hamoji – Largest god of the largest volcano in the Archipelago
  • Calathis – head of the town guard in Seahaven on Abalone, is also responsible for Wavecrest’s spy service, the Obsidian Blade.
  • Master Ciore – The leader of the Western Trade Alliance.

Important Locations

Abalone Island:

  • Seahaven is Wavecrest’s largest and oldest port, lying on the east coast of Abalone. Seahaven contains the Feathered One’s palace, the Realm embassy, the Wavecrest Navy headquarters and the biggest prisons on Abalone.
  • Gateway lies on the northeast coast of Abalone and serves as headquaters to the Western Trade Alliance. Much of the food that Abalone produces passes through here on its way to other islands.
  • Diver’s Joy, on the southwest of Abalone, is a young city. The actual docks are comparatively narrow, extending some distance out so that they can handle
    heavy ships as well as small light ones. There are local ordinances forbidding fishing and casual sailing around the pearl beds; the only boats allowed there are the small coracles that the pearl divers use.
  • Gullwing looks out toward the far West and has launched dozens of voyages of trading and exploration into the Wyld—usually Guild-run and Guild-financed, but occasionally organized by adventurous brotherhoods of Terrestrial Exalted.
  • Mount Hamoji, the central volcano of Abalone, is surrounded by miles of the Wyld’s Bordermarches. The caldera is a Middlemarch. As a result, it changes shape, its silhouette on the horizon never constant from week to week (or even day to day during full moons).The Black Temple lies to the east of the Wyld zone and is the main chapterhouse of the priestesses of Wavecrest.

Halcyon Island:

To the north of Abalone is Halcyon. Less than a tenth of Abalone’s size, Halcyon is an island of breathtaking beauty, filled with gardens and farms, home to thousands of species of flowers and exotic birds, famous for its hospitable inhabitants. Even the volcanoes on Halcyon erupt less frequently than those of Abalone and Pearl. The two islands on either side of Halcyon shield it from storms, hurricanes and raiders, and the island simply enjoys the benefits. Most of the goods that Halcyon produces are shipped to Abalone or Pearl, and then exported outward from there.
The island has two main ports, as well as the many minor private docks and harbors: Rockmouth on the southeast coast and Crescent to the northeast. Rockmouth is the more dangerous of the two ports, due to the neighboring cliffs; only a daring captain would attempt entry during a storm. Crescent is more cosmopolitan, and is used to receiving travelers from outside Wavecrest.

Pearl Island:

Pearl is the northernmost of the Wavecrest Archipelago’s large islands. Much of the Wavecrest Navy is based here, in expectation of attacks from hostile forces. Besides the usual farms and plantations, and deep jungle interior, Pearl also serves as the training ground for Wavecrest’s army and state navy. Young men from across Wavecrest come here to serve for five-year terms, and to learn how to fight.
The main towns on Pearl are Goldsails, Starfall and Windgate.

  • Goldsails is on the southwest coast of the island, facing toward Halcyon. Goldsails is a quiet port city, enlivened by the frequent arrival of privateers and private craft looking for somewhere to hide. Though Wavecrest’s ships are usually traders or navy, a number of pirates and other gentlemen of private enterprise also operate from there.
  • Starfall lies on the southeast of Pearl and is the oldest of the three ports. Legend has it that a star fell there from Heaven, marking the port with a sign from the gods. The fact that the port is one of the most perfectly formed natural harbors in Creation didn’t hurt matters. Most trade to and from the Realm or the South comes in through Starfall, and as a result, there is a heavy Realm presence, which eases the burden on the town guard.
  • Windgate lies on the northwest of Pearl, facing up into the chain of islands that form the Neck. In addition to being a trading center, Windgate also acts as the main port and training ground for the Wavecrest Navy and houses the School of Mapmakers. The shipyards near Windgate are constantly busy, and the town itself is surrounded on the land side by forests rather than the usual farms.

Wavecrest Archipelago

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