Yuki Barnet

A business man Extraordinaire but also very ordinary, for now.


Yuki is a very enigmatic individual. At first he tried to dispose of the party because they were Solars. That didn’t work. So he then did the second best thing, he joined forces with them.

He very quickly showed his aptitude in commerce and networking and became the parties go to person when it came to anything trade related.

As mayor of Kizu he helped the party protect the vilage from : Wyld things, Lintha, Wyld Hunt, Abyssals and couple other things.

It is know to the party that he is blessed by a god of commerce in the west. Lin has a theory that he is planning on becoming a god himself through ascension or that he is a finger puppet to a god using celestial sorcery however he finds this very unlikely.

Since transporting Kizu to Kizu Upon Pearl he has become the Commerce master of Kizu Upon Pearl and is doing an excellent job of it.

Yuki Barnet

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