Ravenous Worship

Lithe and poweful martial artist


The first encounter with Ravenous Worship was when she challenged Cathak to a martial art duel to test her prowess against his after he had won a competition in Yu-Shan.

She bested him in a long drawn out combat and left the Island of Kizu Laughing. Dji pointed out that she was weird and it was like she was dead but not really.

The Party saw that her caste mark glowed like that of a Zenith caste, only it bled. She mentioned that she knew Falling Leech Carcass.

Cathak thinks that she is crazy and a danger and regrets not killing her outright in the first encounter with her.


A Martial Artist, whose Masochistic fighting style bested Cathak. A rival to Falling Leech Carcass.

Ravenous Worship

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