Ocean Father

God of the Sea


As is in the core books.

Interactions with the party:

Before the journey the party made a great sacrifice to Ocean Father who sent them a behemoth known as The Guardian(Giant Squid Monster) to protect them on the journey. The party then mistakenly attacked the guardian confused in the midst of battle against actual enemy shiakas.

After the fight the party realised their error and tried to make amends with the ocean father and the guardian. They agreed to help the ocean father in his quest to investigate the mysterius growing globes on the sea floor in three distinct locations.

Armed with two hundred warriors and their artifact ship the party began their journey to investigate the areas assigned by the ocean father.

That is where they met Caleridon the Enigmatic Scientist.

Meanwhile at the other dome, the ocean father and the guardian decided to take a more aggressive route which made the dome explode due to destabilizing the shiminic reactor field. it exploded in a catastrophic wyld blast killing almost everyone, including the guardian, and incapacitating the ocean father severely.

The party tried to warn them but were too late. The explosion buried the ocean father under the wave of pure chaos. The party then made haste to rescue the god of the sea with Claridon in tow to talk with the god about setting up residence in creation. During the search Lin summoned various elementals to help. Eventually finding the god, unconscious beneath the roiling chaos.

Transporting him to the ship he they quickly prayed to the goddess of compassionate martial arts style whom quickly provided them with celestial wine to heal the gods aggravated injuries.

Upon waking up he was very thankful and rather surprised that the party brought and sworn to protect the Raksha with which he had to talk.

After that he invited the party to talk, deputized them, giving them access to his clout and protection for their trade vessels on the seas.

After that he asked the party if we would help him restore the Olaphim. The party Agreed. dramatic music


Ocean Father

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