Lin Ledaal

"Of course, the only person smarter than me, is future me!"



Lin is loosely based on the personality and image of Lin Yao from FMA:B.

Archetype: Dynast, Un-Exalted Dragon blooded, Outcast.
Caste: Twilight
Hobby: Tinkering with little mechanical contraptions
Likes: Exploring, Learning, Experiencing new things, helping people.
Dislikes: Destroying knowledge or limiting people, People being careless, Figs, being cold, Immaculate order.

Mother: Catala Ledaal, one of few leader of house Ledaal.
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Many, fucked if I know, hes a dragonblood they like to get it on.

Lunar mate: Sapphire Hunter at Dawn, Full moon Lunar.
Relationship: Amicable and cooperative.

-Dawn Caste: Cathak Dialon (Delaware)
-Zenith Caste: Djerax Ledaal
-Night caste: Val
-Eclipse Caste: Ivory Phoenix & Butterfly

-Jii, Ward of Djerax and adopted daughter of the circle. Professional trouble maker.
-Chobise Kegopa, an ambitious Air Caste Sorcerer with a sense of justice and a can do attitude.
-Majority of the Kizu Upon Pearl population.


Lin’s backstory starts when he first got in trouble in a manner similar to most Ledaal children, by poking their nose where it didn’t belong because curiosity was too much to bear.

Lin, at young age of 16 was an awakened Essence student of the heptagram in central Isle of creation. During his stay there he became an adept sorcerer however he did not exalt into a dragonblooded. Fueled by his failure to exalt he pushed himself further and further, unlocking memories of his souls past and with it a plethora of knowledge. However his curiosity could not be sated looking inwards. He sought knowledge outside his purview and read dusty tomes that were forbidden. What he learned was that the immaculate order was not spanning as far back as people thought, and that its ways were not the ways that should be. He learned of the usurpation of the solars and how things transpired in the first age of creation.

With that knowledge, and the feeling that sooner or later someone will find out that he knows things he should not, he decided to run away from home. This decision was partially fueled by his endevour into forbidden tomes, but mostly it was because he was an angsty teenager dragonblooded who did not exalt and was growing ever anxious about his place in the family should he not exalt.

With that said over the next few years, he sold what material wealth he had, pack his bags and left for the west along side his trusted familiar Rizu.

In the west he mostly got by by selling his skill as a learned man and a competent medicine man as well as sorcerer. Until one day his paths crossed a known Pirate, Ivory Phoenix, whom later became one of his closest allies and dearest friends.

Lin Ledaal

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