Jadeborn, Attention to detail, Intellectual,Excellent Person


Horal, like Daseod became a good friend to the party quickly after getting past the initial shock of meeting new Solars.

He is a dear friend of Lin’s and the two have been know to exchange communication frequently as well as artifact gifts.

Horal being an Artisan of Jadeborn, is seen as a very precious resource and as such is sheltered. He dislikes that. His sense of wanderlust is greater than most Jadeborn and as such his character was exactly what the party needed to make good friends with the Jadeborn, at least on the isle of Kizu.

Horal helped the party in many ways, just like Daesod , his biggest effort so far however has been erecting the foundations of the new city of Kizu Upon Pearl.

He is the leader of the expedition in the west. He has been a good ally to have on the Solars side, since him being an Artisan gives access to the council of Artisans back in the capital of Jadeborn. He has submitted favorable reports when it comes to the party giving them a reputation among the Jadeborn.


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