God, Kizu


Eldran was the first Spirit and first God the party encountered. Back then he was the god of the Keep who was upgraded to a god of the town.

Upon first meeting the party he was very friendly. Probably because he was quite weak back and unable intervene when the wyld things attacked. He became the parties first real ally in the grand scheme of things and swore an oath for the first year for mutual benefit.

Since then as the party grew in strength. They became good friends and returned the trust Eldran put into them manyfold back and turned him into a god of their new found City State Kizu Upon Pearl.

He is currently growing in strength as the significance of the Kizu Upon Pearl grows and expands. The party had to argue his case with a few gods but their connections to powerful terrestrial and celestial gods made it quite easy for them to argue his case.

He is becoming less associated with defending and castles and more with Cities, War and is a very well rounded god because the citiy itself is very well rounded.



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