Jadeborn. Stout. Pragmatic, Lethal & Likes Wine


Daesod is the first Enlightened Jadeborn character the party met. Initialy he was very distrustful of the solars; given the history Jadeborn shared with them; but him and Lin Ledaal rapidly became fast friends.

The party quickly proved the Kizu Jadeborn expedition that they were not the same Solars of ages past and earned their trust and friendship. Daesod is one of the higher up Warriors in the armies of the Jadeborn and a warrior supreme.

He spent a good few nights drinking and fighting the darkspawn with Lin. That’s where his initial bond with the Party came from. Lin offered to help the Jadeborn clear a particularly large gathering of darkspawn underneath Kizu.

Since the early day’s Daesod has come through for the party in many ways, some of which include helping them clear an island of a particularly dangerous Darkspawn Behemoth, delivering large quantities of materials from A to B and generally being there when the party needed it the most.

Right now hes mostly pre occupied fulfilling a secret expedition into the wyld searching for something.


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