Cathak Dia-Lon (Delaware)

Retired Warrior - Exalted General



(Cethak draws from Uncle Iroh from Avatar: the Last Airbender, in look and in character, though nowadays has a biotech left eye.)

Caste: Dawn

Virtue Flaw: Red Rage of Compassion

Family: Cethak had a wife, two sons, and a daughter before he left. Currently he does not know the fate of them; last he saw, his wife had remarried, and one of his two sons had Exalted. Describing anything other than that would be pointless, as the Cethak Family is large and its family tree, muddied with time.

Lunar: His first Lunar, a sorcerer named Daughter of White Moonlight, was killed on a mission to the small Southern island where the Circle found its first major defeat. His new Lunar, Flowing Leopard, is a young boy using his exaltation to protect his village in the East.


  • Djerax Ledaal
  • Lin Ledaal – Twilight Sorcerer
  • Ivory Phoenix – Eclipse “Privateer” (Pirate!)
  • Butterfly – Eclipse Trader
  • Vall – Night spymaster

Retired not by choice but by necessity, Captain Cethak Dai Lon fled to the West at the age of 42 following an altercation with a Dragon Blood exalt and a few men under their command. He set up a tea shop on the little island of Kizu, and there he stayed, honing his skills for twenty years. He enjoys simple pleasures – tea, music, song, and a drink with his men when the time calls for it.

His exaltation is a chance for redemption, and to prove not only to the family Cethak, but himself that he is fit to bear the name.

A renowned warrior, he won a contest in Yu-Shan, combating representatives of each of the four virtuous martial arts; for his skill, he can request training from the Goddess of compassion, to whom he prays to regularly.

In his role as a Solar Exalt, and the circle’s military arm, he has moved from a simple old soldier to the Exalted General of an army 2,000 strong – perhaps the best trained and drilled in creation, and his charms allow him to lead with confidence and loyalty.

However, these accomplishments are balanced with failure. Having lost several priceless artefacts to the sea, he clings to the ones he possesses now with an almost religious fervour. They are his method to protect those he loves; his circle, and his friends.
He nearly met death at the hands of a green-lit Solar, similar but different, at the same time his Circle mate Fearis, the Circle’s then night-caste, died in combat.

Recently, his ferocity in battle led him into a poor position. A space in which everything was possible, and nothing made sense, he floated in something called the Pure Chaos. To escape, he made a deal with an Unshaped being. It spoke of the time of the primordials and what kept creation safe. Creation was slowing down, slowly working its way to stillness like a machine. A deal was struck for Cethak to be brought back to Creation, for a price: His left eye.

For now, he travels with his Circle, as they endeavour to bring peace to the West.

Cathak Dia-Lon (Delaware)

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