Crashing Tides

The Birth of a City

Roughly three months after the battle of Kizu Lin and Kegopa finally finish raising the City manses. The City of Kizu upon pearl now stands tall against the crashing tides of the western ocean and anything it might bring with it. A great celebration is held as the city molds itself and lights begin shining bright illuminating the streets.

A week later, inside the heart of the Cathedral Manse, Lin careful and patiently attunes to the hearthstone. The consoles flicker to life, diodes flash and for the first time life springs into the automated cogs of the magi tech wonder. With a deep breath he exhales and concentrates on the manse, his design without a flaw, he constructs a mental image and pushes the idea into the network.

Silence. The city dims. The manse stops. The power fades.

The auxiliary manses whir into motion and essence surges along the network nodes. The Cathedral thrums with power. Seven Thousand and five hundred automatons rise from their slumber and in unison stand at attention sending a thunderclap of noise throughout the city.

A minute later a fuzzy image of an androgynous figure materializes in front of Lin. An hour later that fizzy image stands tall and asks: "Greetings Master Lin, I am Kizu, how may I be of assistance? "

“Begin scanning of immediate surroundings and catalog essence and soul signatures of all denizens currently within your sensory ranges. Report back when complete.” He says exasperated before adding : " Oh and Kizu, its good to have you with us.

For the first time in 4 years Lin lets his guard down. He sits on the floor, his back to the heart stone pedestal, the hearthstone of the central manse in his hand, he falls asleep.



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