Crashing Tides

The Birth of a City

Roughly three months after the battle of Kizu Lin and Kegopa finally finish raising the City manses. The City of Kizu upon pearl now stands tall against the crashing tides of the western ocean and anything it might bring with it. A great celebration is held as the city molds itself and lights begin shining bright illuminating the streets.

A week later, inside the heart of the Cathedral Manse, Lin careful and patiently attunes to the hearthstone. The consoles flicker to life, diodes flash and for the first time life springs into the automated cogs of the magi tech wonder. With a deep breath he exhales and concentrates on the manse, his design without a flaw, he constructs a mental image and pushes the idea into the network.

Silence. The city dims. The manse stops. The power fades.

The auxiliary manses whir into motion and essence surges along the network nodes. The Cathedral thrums with power. Seven Thousand and five hundred automatons rise from their slumber and in unison stand at attention sending a thunderclap of noise throughout the city.

A minute later a fuzzy image of an androgynous figure materializes in front of Lin. An hour later that fizzy image stands tall and asks: "Greetings Master Lin, I am Kizu, how may I be of assistance? "

“Begin scanning of immediate surroundings and catalog essence and soul signatures of all denizens currently within your sensory ranges. Report back when complete.” He says exasperated before adding : " Oh and Kizu, its good to have you with us.

For the first time in 4 years Lin lets his guard down. He sits on the floor, his back to the heart stone pedestal, the hearthstone of the central manse in his hand, he falls asleep.

The Battle Of Kizu Upon Pearl

It Begins

Kizu’s alerts started to ring throughout the main compound. “New Entity detected, identification needed.” In the mail control room a map layout blazed to life, an earthly brown and clear blue map of the surrounding area with hundreds of coloured dots moving about the landscape. One such dot, brightly golden was moving towards the control room, no doubt awoken mid slumber.

Lin entered the control room and looked over the screen, a ship was approaching from the west, he quickly explains to the Manse that that soul is an abyssal and that consecration will need to be turned on once Dji is safe. Eldran kindly escorted her to the relative safety of his Sanctum. Then the speaking started, clear and crisp as though speaking into everyone’s ear.

“Ladies and gentlemen of Kizu, know that the coming suffering is brought on you by the Solar circle you hold so dear. For they have broken their agreement to hand over to us one of their own, Cathak, and the ghost child Dji. The ensuing darkness that will enshroud your city is their doing. However should both be handed over we will happily spare the city and leave. The choice is yours.”

A silence fell over the city and all felt a strong hatred of Cathak and Dji and the desire to turn them over to the abyssals and a riotous hatred for them and the circle that harbours them. Thankfully Djarax and the Dragonblooded were on hand and were able to calm the population down, though it left everyone in for a while.

Meanwhile Lin had turned on the Consecration field of the manse and those undead in range felt their souls burn with holy fire. The main boat quickly fled and left the others behind to their fate. The far off boats, thirty in number sat back as those with range bombarded the city with poisonous explosives. Thankfully those in the city were enhanced by great fortitude and so few succumbed to the deadly poison.

Seeing their tactic was limited in effectiveness the Abyssals withdrew to the South of the city, beyond the River and the protective field that harmed them. Then the waiting began.

Time Stretches

Lin sends messages out to his contacts and the allies that the cirlce had made over the last few years, none are in a position to get there quickly , for now the town would have to hold. As small bombardments continues throughout the days the town grew extra protective netting and walls in order to help limit the damage.

After a day or two Vall noticed himself not noticing something and forced himself to see an invader. One of the Abyssals had snuck in and was making it’s way to the wood manse. The counter attack was swift and prevented the enemy from targetting the manse properly. But not being able to actually kill the assailant as he slipped through reality and emerged back in the Abyssal camp, still very much alive…ish.

Vall decided that it was time to get a closer look at the enemy camp as they seemed to be building a bomb of sorts. Maybe if he could take out the artisan he could stall their plans. After sever sneak attacks and a couple of quick exchanges he was able to wound the artisan but too some damage himself and so retreated back to the town. The abyssals built a shelter around the workspace, making future attempts harder.

A Crescendo

Updates from allies showed they were a couple of days away, but it wouldn’t be enough, the bomb would be finished before they arrived. So the circle planned a counter attack. Recalling Ivory they set him up in the tower, ready to fire on the bomb before it was launched. The bomb was put in place, all was ready for the launch. Lin sallied out with automotons in tow as a distraction, then Ivory fired.

The bolt of energy ripped through the air and collided squarly with the bomb. Impact put barely a dent on the collosal device, though everyone around the bomb was severly injured, including Blackmire. There was a pause, Ivory had no way of knowing if the bomb was disabled, but another shot might kill his friend. Silence hung in the air….

Ivory fired again.

The short flared through the sky and collided with the bomb once more. The bodies of those dead and wounded we shattered and torn by the resulting explosion. Units moved to take on Lin’s group to little avail, until one lunar picked up the bomb and tossed it onto Lin’s unit.

The explosion was small but potent and blasted apart many of the automatae. Lin himself went down in the inferno and what automatae remained had to carry him off the battlefield. As Lin returned Cathak took it upon himself to sally out with the army under his command. The fighting was swift and brutal, but having lost their generals and many powerful officers the undead army quickly fell beneath the might of Kizu.

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